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MapleNest is a place to find fabulous items for you and your home

Most home goods stores focus only on the home. They find things you might like to place in your living room, dining room and study. In contrast, most personal goods stores cater to your personal style and choices, finding items like jewelry, bags, knick-knacks that are for your personal use.

At MapleNest, we realized your style and taste run across the home and your person. We studied buying patterns in home and personal domains and realized that if we can find a beautiful reclaimed wood table for you, we might also be able to find a leather bag you love to carry around with you.

So MapleNest breaks down the barrier between home and personal stores and brings you both. We hope you like this approach. Tell us what you think. Write us a letter – or better still post a comment below telling us what you think.

Now you must be wondering, why the name, MapleNest? Next post, we will tell you that.

Till then, enjoy browsing some leather chairs for your home and leather bags for your person that we found especially for you.

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