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Go Fish- Rustic Lighting Inspired by Fishing!

Traditionally, the islands of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Java and Malaysia used handwoven bamboo baskets or twine nets for trapping fishes in the seas. Here Sirmart has captured the fishing baskets in a picture taken in Philippines.

This is how the baskets nets look when woven from lithe bamboo splits.

Fishing baskets inspired lighting are immensely popular in the West just now. Here is a rustic hand woven lamp from Cote Maison in  Tunisia.

Pros of Fishing Lamps- Handcrafted, rustic style, lightweight, made of natural bamboo or natural twine, easy to install by plug and cord or through canopy, durable.

There are plenty of options you can find in the market. Here are the Fish Catcher Woven Lamps,a reasonably priced option from Roost, woven in Philippines.

Here is another beautiful yet pricey option from the Southofmarket

One more option of a bamboo lamp which is inspired by these baskets is found in the lovely and practical lamp from Roost at Modishtore.

Recently Tucker Williams designed his own fish catcher inspired lighting in his Monsoon Collection which is breathtakingly beautiful. You can see it here.

You can find similar lamps woven out of abaca grass here. These are both lightweight and light on the pocket as well.

Remodelista has featured this made to order Fisherman Lamp by Tracy Wiklinson which can be of any length you choose.

Barcelona design house Manolito Manolita have interpreted the fishing lamp in a stunning way. Here are their beautiful Colimbo Lamps



How to Stop Killing Your Plants- Container Gardening for Beginners

Its spring again, and like every year, your thoughts turn to trying gardening this year. Yet again. But you do not want to kill plants like you did last year.  Oh you tried to grow them in pots and in planters, in the sun or in the shade, all over  your little apartment, and, yet none survived. Secretly, you had begun to wonder if your green thumb was the Incredible Hulk, destroying everything it came in contact with! But help is near. Read our 5 must-do’s for plants to survive.

  1.    Gardening Soil is not equal to Garden Soil!  Potting Soil for containers cannot be the dense garden soil, instead it has to be a mix of peat, perlite, vemiculite, clay, sand, leaf and compost. Add to this a handful of the garden soil as well. Light and loose potting soil makes for good drainage and growth of roots.  
  2. Don’t drown the plant!  The most common mistake novice gardeners ma ke is to overwater the plant. They treat water as a substitute for love! A dry looking top-soil does not mean the plant is starved of water.  Try and approximate their natural habitat. If a succulent can survive in waterless natural habitats, spraying water every day will only rot its waterlogged roots. Water sparingly.
  3. The right container makes a big difference! Here I dont mean you should buy only certain types or size of containers. In fact every container can be a good plant abode; however be sure to match your plant to it. A flat and shallow container is great for a plant with spread-out, fibrous roots, but not so for a plant which sends down one single deep tap root. So match your plant and especially the root and foliage to the container.
  4. Drain the Swamp(!) Container plants may need a bit of help in draining off excess water if you over-water them. You can rescue them by pushing down a ball of blotting paper, or lining the bottom of the pot with pebbles, broken bits of china or even bits of terracotta or pottery.   
  5.  Two is company, but three is definitely a crowd- Resist the urge to showcase the container by planting many different types of plants together. Ideally give each plant its own planter; if you do want to plant more varieties make sure that the growing requirements of both are similar. You cannot plant a succulent with a water seeking annual.   
  6. Not a windowless room please! Plants need the sun and air. If you have to keep them in an air-conditioned or windowless room, give them a visit to the morning sun once a week at least. We have no doubt, with these few simple tricks you can fix that green thumb this spring. Happy Gardening!

The latest trends for Rugs & Carpets in 2017!

Now is an exciting time to be buying rugs or carpets for your home. With the upturn in the housing market, the warmth and comfort of carpets is seeing a resurgence. The 2017 look is all about mixing the old and the new. We have scoured the internet to unearth the latest carpet trends of 2017 and listen to what top interior designers say about it.

Hand Woven Rugs & Tribal Designs: The top design trends in rugs and carpets at the Domotex exhibition in Hanover were hand woven rugs and tribal designs, reports Interiorzine. Piero Lissoni, the Italian designer shares that tribal rugs are an art piece, each having their own artistic identity with a special story to tell. They are all made from natural materials and each rug tells the story of the family that had created it: entwining cultural symbols, animals, flowers and events foretold in color. Usually, such tribal design rugs are hand woven out of natural fibers, in bright colors and bold motifs, and typically flat weave reversible surfaces. Here is an example.

Serene & Calm Shades: The very popular Pantone 2015 color, Marsala still rules the wave, even though the new Pantone colors 2016, Rose quartz and Serenity are being preferred by top designers. These quiet colors add just the right touch of serenity and calm to personal areas like the bedroom and study. This is the quartz rose carpet from the Vorwerk collection “Fascination” by designer Giulio Ridolfo while the one below is the serenity shade of blue.

But we are still not over the deliciously complex color Marsala, which is a mixture of wine reds and earthy browns with dashes of mauve and indigo thrown in good measure. It is, no doubt, a rich and ripe color; the color of fullness and indulgence. Here is a beauteous piece in marsala at Persian Rugs.

Combining tradition and modernity: This is the era of mixing influences. Says Warren Sheets in House Beautiful in the February 2017 issue that “No one is interested in designing an entire space, let alone an entire home, with a strict period in time”. While its great to have a period as a starting point, you can play with mixes of elements of the past and future to design an aesthetic look which is truly yours. Here is an antique Bukhara rug showcased by Elle Decor in their top show-stopper rugs teamed with contemporary Southwestern furniture.

In the Brooklyn townhouse of ceramist Amanda Moffat, the living room's Bukhara rug is from ABC Carpet & Home. The pressed-tin lamps are from Lexington Gardens. Get the look: Antique Bukhara Wool Rug, $2,000,

Organic & Natural Materials: Eco-friendly, organic rugs and carpets are very much in style as per Home Flooring Pros. Sisal, raffia and sea-grass rugs work very well in and urban setting and offer a hard-wearing and natural look with earthy, color tones. But what really excites us are hand-dyed indigo jute or hemp rugs which are modern and truly cool. Here is the piece we loved.

Another fast-growing trend in rugs 2016 is named Nature Luxe by Victoria Redshaw, the Futurist at Scarlet Opus, a trend forecasting company in UK. She describes the concept behind this trend as a way of disengaging from our busy, technologically-infused lives, and embracing the quiet. While we may crave a return to more simple times, we still appreciate a sense of luxury. This trend looks to hand-crafted elements for that blend of simplicity and luxury. Here is Houzz collection of Zen carpets.

The natural luxe style promotes calm with a soothing color pallette in neutral tones and soft, shimmery finishes. Natural materials such as hides are a big part of this trend. Here are some great distressed scratched leather rugs from MapleNest.

Last but not the least, are the breathable fibers like jute or hemp which are combined with silk, wool, or linen, to create a luxe version of natural rugs, in warm earth tones.


And to round it up, the Anji Mountain Cobblestone Bamboo Rug from the Georgia Mills is such a style statement this year.

So here’s hoping you borrow some ideas from these hot trends and bring them to life in your beautiful homes!