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Go Fish- Rustic Lighting Inspired by Fishing!

Traditionally, the islands of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Java and Malaysia used handwoven bamboo baskets or twine nets for trapping fishes in the seas. Here Sirmart has captured the fishing baskets in a picture taken in Philippines.

This is how the baskets nets look when woven from lithe bamboo splits.

Fishing baskets inspired lighting are immensely popular in the West just now. Here is a rustic hand woven lamp from Cote Maison in  Tunisia.

Pros of Fishing Lamps- Handcrafted, rustic style, lightweight, made of natural bamboo or natural twine, easy to install by plug and cord or through canopy, durable.

There are plenty of options you can find in the market. Here are the Fish Catcher Woven Lamps,a reasonably priced option from Roost, woven in Philippines.

Here is another beautiful yet pricey option from the Southofmarket

One more option of a bamboo lamp which is inspired by these baskets is found in the lovely and practical lamp from Roost at Modishtore.

Recently Tucker Williams designed his own fish catcher inspired lighting in his Monsoon Collection which is breathtakingly beautiful. You can see it here.

You can find similar lamps woven out of abaca grass here. These are both lightweight and light on the pocket as well.

Remodelista has featured this made to order Fisherman Lamp by Tracy Wiklinson which can be of any length you choose.

Barcelona design house Manolito Manolita have interpreted the fishing lamp in a stunning way. Here are their beautiful Colimbo Lamps



Martha Stewart Loves Our Driftwood Tables!

We always knew that the Roost Driftwood Tables were one of the most distinctive and stylish accent tables. Now Martha Stewart, the style queen for American homes, thinks so too! The Roost Driftwood Console table is featured as one of the fail-proof way to add charm to your room in her May magazine, both the print and online versions. Read it in the article on ‘6 Finishing Touches That Will Completely Transform Your Room’.

A really good driftwood table or coat rack is a rare piece of furniture. Take a look at our Roost Driftwood table bases and you will know what we mean. The reclaimed wood base has to have the perfect knot of tropical driftwood, with branches spread in a way that can support a flat surface. This is not just hand-made, but nature-made. That is why no two pieces are alike and always in short supply.

The other challenge is to keep it just the way nature meant it. The master craftsman here has done just enough to enhance the strength and beauty of the wood, without attempting to add artistry.

The Roost Driftwood table bases are available in 3 sizes, the coffee table, the console table and side table. They can be used with a glass top or wooden top. They do not require much care beyond basic dusting but are not recommended for outdoor usage.

Claim 10% off on a limited time deal on select Driftwood furniture and decor. And of course, we ship it all free of cost to you.  Lets celebrate sustainable living this May!


9 Trendy Garden Accent Ideas to Try This Summer!

What’s new and fabulous in outdoor decor? Gardens, Backyards and outdoors are more than just plants and vegetation. This summer try some beautiful reclaimed and repurposed materials, such as sea glass, river stones, petrified wood, bamboo, teak wood roots and branches. These materials are harmlessly cultivated and produced in West Java, Indonesia.

1.  Attracting Birds with Bird Baths– Bird baths with lifelike bird sculptures is a  bird magnet.

2. All-weather Reclaimed Teak Pedestals – You’ll never go back to plastic tables.

3. Light up! If you cannot make yourself a serene Japanese garden, a stone Japanese pagoda does the job!

4. Let teak stools mushroom this spring! Perfect seating for kids

5.  Sticks & Stones- preferred decor of the ancient man! 

6.  Garden Sculptures- Owls, dolphins, horses, mice, elephants and all your favorite animals.

7.   Get your own GOT Throne- for fun and games with grandchildren.

 8.  Driftwood Planters & Pots 

9.  Candle Holders of natural stone

Happy Gardening!

How to Stop Killing Your Plants- Container Gardening for Beginners

Its spring again, and like every year, your thoughts turn to trying gardening this year. Yet again. But you do not want to kill plants like you did last year.  Oh you tried to grow them in pots and in planters, in the sun or in the shade, all over  your little apartment, and, yet none survived. Secretly, you had begun to wonder if your green thumb was the Incredible Hulk, destroying everything it came in contact with! But help is near. Read our 5 must-do’s for plants to survive.

  1.    Gardening Soil is not equal to Garden Soil!  Potting Soil for containers cannot be the dense garden soil, instead it has to be a mix of peat, perlite, vemiculite, clay, sand, leaf and compost. Add to this a handful of the garden soil as well. Light and loose potting soil makes for good drainage and growth of roots.  
  2. Don’t drown the plant!  The most common mistake novice gardeners ma ke is to overwater the plant. They treat water as a substitute for love! A dry looking top-soil does not mean the plant is starved of water.  Try and approximate their natural habitat. If a succulent can survive in waterless natural habitats, spraying water every day will only rot its waterlogged roots. Water sparingly.
  3. The right container makes a big difference! Here I dont mean you should buy only certain types or size of containers. In fact every container can be a good plant abode; however be sure to match your plant to it. A flat and shallow container is great for a plant with spread-out, fibrous roots, but not so for a plant which sends down one single deep tap root. So match your plant and especially the root and foliage to the container.
  4. Drain the Swamp(!) Container plants may need a bit of help in draining off excess water if you over-water them. You can rescue them by pushing down a ball of blotting paper, or lining the bottom of the pot with pebbles, broken bits of china or even bits of terracotta or pottery.   
  5.  Two is company, but three is definitely a crowd- Resist the urge to showcase the container by planting many different types of plants together. Ideally give each plant its own planter; if you do want to plant more varieties make sure that the growing requirements of both are similar. You cannot plant a succulent with a water seeking annual.   
  6. Not a windowless room please! Plants need the sun and air. If you have to keep them in an air-conditioned or windowless room, give them a visit to the morning sun once a week at least. We have no doubt, with these few simple tricks you can fix that green thumb this spring. Happy Gardening!

Setting up a Small Home Office? Guide to buying furniture for your SOHO !

The world of work is changing with the growing popularity of distributed workers. Organisations are increasingly allowing their employees to work from home. And many people are opting to become independent workers, prefering either to telecommute, or work out of their homes as freelancers or part time consultants. This is a global trend and it has led to a rising demand for what is known as the SOHO – Small Office Home Office. A SOHO is nothing but a cosy, comfortable office setup within your own home, where you can work professionally in a relaxed manner, with the added flexibility of juggling work with personal tasks through the day. Something else – your small home office can be a stylised reflection of your personal tastes – a welcome respite from the cookie cutter, disciplined feel of corporate offices.

At MapleNest, we love the idea of a life that’s well curated. So we’ve put together an assortment of products from the MapleNest range that may be worthy of your elegant home office.

Work Table/Desk: The Roost Roubaix Teak Desk with modern lines for a well-appointed office creates a minimalist work-space in a living room or bedroom. Made from solid reclaimed teak, the desk has open storage cubbies, finger joint construction and iron brackets and leg brace. A top hutch, sold separately, provides extra storage. The hutch and the cubbies together provide ample space for organizing and sorting paper, books, stationery etc. The desk may require some assembly to put it together.

Desk Chair: We’d strongly suggest you give the typical corporate office chairs a miss and go for something refreshing from a design and aesthetics standpoint. Check out the Roost Rouler Chair, which makes smart use of reclaimed materials and is inspired by Mid-Century Danish chairs. The back and seat are woven from rubber straps cut from recycled – tire inner tubes; the legs are made from solid reclaimed teak. The Rouler chair can make a great combination with the Roubaix Teak Desk, fitting in nicely into its leg spread.

Book Shelves: If you are looking for a light-weight shelf that shouldn’t add too much gravity to your home office, the Roost Leaning Book Shelf is a great option. Made of handcrafted shesham, the shelf rest on an industrial steel frame to give it an elegant leaning look. The bookshelf features a blackened steel finish that enhances the richness of the wood. You can display books, periodicals or other treasured curiosities on this neat and versatile unit.

Letter Rack: Move over plastic or wooden table organisers – for your home office, we think you should instead go for the vintage looking HomArt Brass Letter Rack. This will bring back nostalgia of classic correspondence, when handwritten letters were delivered by mail, postcards were saved, and return trips to the post office were a daily occurrence. In our updated world, these brass beauties can still be put to good use, corralling magazines, mobile phones, pens, stationery and yes, perhaps even a postcard or envelope. Each of these racks in uniquely made.

Waste Basket: The Go Home Slate Waste Basket allows you to add a touch of natural decor to your home office. Crafted from slate with an earthy finish, the Slate Waste Basket is a handy product to take care of all your home office’s trash needs. The size is just right to slip it into a corner under your desk, so you dont have to get up and walk around to drop something into it. Shelf Bookends: HomArt’s Eiffel Tower Bookends are crafted from cast iron with impressive attention to detail and then hand painted in a tasteful antique bronze. These attractive stylish decorations are not only useful but will add just the right accent to your home office. You can use these to stack up books on your shelves, or even your desk. Additionally they also make wonderful gifts, for book lovers, art lovers, and for those with French-themed, travel-themed, or landmark collections.

Wall Clock: Inspired by the vintage style decor of the old Paris flea markets, the Kalalou Black And White Wooden Wall Clock is a rustic time piece that will surely add to the charm of your home office. With its bold white numbers, ornate arms, and old world texture, this beautiful clock sports an industrial wooden look. This one of a kind piece is embellished with bold white numbers laid on the dial along with elegantly placed arms and a cultured vintage world texture on the body.

 So here’s wishing you a great home office. Do send us some photos once you’ve set it up!

7 Best Reclaimed Picture Frames & How to Use Them.

You are all set to go out for the evening. A nice dress, hair in place, your high heels strapped. And no make-up! Not even a bit! How does that feel? Incomplete, right? Sure, you could go without any make-up, it’s not physically impossible; but, you’d rather not. You know you will look a thousand times nicer if you did put on a bit of make-up!  Exactly like a picture does with a nice picture frame. You could mount pictures without any frame but any picture would look much nicer with the right frame.

  1.  A simple slim iron frame, unobtrusive and non-glitzy but with a charming antique-y character. It is made out of salvaged iron strips and has rustic keyholes and chains for hanging. You can use it to mount a single standout picture, a striking feather( as is shown here), an ornate large key. Anything which is a counterpoint to the plain frame, really. Why we love them is they let the picture pop out. You can buy it here.        
  2.   An exact opposite to the slim edge iron frame  is the recycled wood thick edge photo-frame. Made out of reclaimed red wood from Thailand these frames are a smart example of live-edge, which is a huge object of desire now. You can get them here
  3.  A sleek frame of horn and glass is the perfect frame for a bedside table. Frame pictures of family, or a card that your  daughter painted for Mother’s Day. Artisan Living’s hand made frame available here.    
  4. And here are some cheerful, lovely ikat print frames which are really inexpensive, easy to use and excellent for all family and baby pictures. You can find them here.     
  5. And if you want to go the industrial chic way, we have some really great frames made from reclaimed steel drums. You can even see the industrial print on the iron sheets. I find them great for imparting a sophisticated, theatrical design focus to an office room.   

     6.  If you are looking for a bold sophisticated touch, molten brass is the way to go. Lacking the shininess of gold, it has a rich matt molten metal sheen, which goes so well with leather and wood. The finish is great. Its brushed gold, not the crazy shiny brassy gold that looks super cheap. They are simple and modern.  Perfect gift for a married couple.   

7.  And here are some whimsical picture frames made out of salvaged wood cart wheels. What a rustic touch they bring to your surroundings. This is where you can get them.    

I am sure this has put you in a better frame of mind! Do post pictures and opinions of what makes for a good picture frame.

Guide to building a home bar on a budget!

Imagine you’ve just bought this awesome apartment or a condo. The rooms are all done up, the flooring is spick and span, the furniture is just arriving….. and that’s when you get this irresistible urge to set your own home bar. Why not – this is the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt about. The connoisseur in you wants to have your own cosy bar, stock it with all the liquor and wine you relish, invite friends over for dinner and raise a toast over the barbeque or the dinner table! And all this at a cost that doesn’t blow a hole through your pockets.

At MapleNest, we love the idea of a life that’s well curated. So here’s a quick do-it-yourself guide to help you build up your home bar. We’ve put together an assortment of products from the MapleNest range that should do justice to what you’re yearning for!

Bar Storage Cabinet: If you want to save space without having a dedicated standing storage cabinet, this Kalalou Wire Bar Cabinet is a great option. It can be hung easily on a wall. Its long slender design takes little space and can be the best abode for your wine, beer and other bottles. Another advantage – the cabinet is see through, which means you can pick your beverage from a distance without opening it up.

Wine Rack Console: If you are looking for a wine rack, check out the Kalalou Wine Rack Console – a 40 inch wide slim wood multi-use console with a metal insert that is designed to display and distinguish your favorite varietals. With rustic looking wood and a contemporary design, this wine rack console can fit into any home decor style. Try putting this against the wall and keep a vase or book case over it.

Bar Cart: The Roost Voctoria Bar Cart is a great choice for those wanting something that can be wheeled around lightly. Its visible metallic hardware gives it an industrial character.  Practical and pretty glass shelves complement its dark iron framework. The bottom shelf has extra height for storage, while the top shelf is sized just right for serving. This might require minor assembly, but is a great option for adding a rustic charm to your home bar.

Wine Bucket Set: The wine buckets in the Roost Alvarado Wine Bucket Set are perfect for festive functions. Made from galvanized iron sheet, the bucket is double walled for extra insulation, which keeps the bottles cold for a longer duration. Their antique finish makes it a special combination along with the Victoria Bar Cart. We strongly suggest you buy both these together.

Bar Accessories: No bar would be complete without a Ice Bucket and handy Snack Serving Accessories. That’s where we suggest you check out the Roost Hemingway Ice Buckets & Roost Hemingway Linked Snack Bowls . The Hemingway Ice Bucket features coopered construction, a stainless steel insert, and a lid that cleverly stows accompanying tongs. You can prepare drinks with it and serve snacks in style with the solid sheesham wood made Hemingway Linked Snack Bowls.

Wine Glass Decanter: If you’re a believer in decanting wine, don’t miss the Kalalou White Wine Glass Decanter With Ice Pocket, which comes with a special ice pocket. Made in the crowded city of Bogota, Colombia, these decanters are made by a small family owned glass factory, where talented glass blowers create these handmade works of art. These are free form organic pieces (not made from moulds) using recycled glass from old windows, automobile glass, and bottles. Each design is one-of-a-kind!

Wine Goblets: Any home bar that boasts of a wine rack must have some exquisite wine goblets to go with. That’s why we recommend the GO Home Set of Coil Red or White Wine Goblets. This will enhance the ambience of your dinner party and bring a level of elegance, style and flair to any dining room. Made with hand-blown glass, each glass boasts a delicately ornate look and is adorned with glossy finish to add a touch of elegance to your serving. This set can also be a perfect gift for any wine lover.

Aperitif Glasses & Absinthe Spoon: You can add style and flair to your home bar with the Roost St. Remy Aperitif Glass and Absinthe Spoon Collection. Use the aperitif glass to serve a smooth drink before a meal to stimulate the appetite of your guests. The glassware is mouth-blown and hand-pressed and comes in mixed sets of six. The collection of silver plated absinthe spoons are inspired by antique spoons from southern France. Each of the three designs features a slotted pattern to support a sugar cube or to simply add glamour to the home bar.

Ice Scoop: Looking to top up your drink refill with some ice! Use the Kalalou Zinc Scoop with Brass handle – refilling a drink with ice has never been so stylish with the beautiful scoop made of zinc and a brass handle. The scoop is adequately sized to allow a generous ice scoop if needed.

Bottle Opener & Cork Pull: Last but not least, your home bar needs a handy set of bottle openers and cork pulls. We recommend a utilitarian multitasker – the HomArt cast-iron Skeleton Key Bottle Opener and Cork Pull which is hand painted with an antique silver finish. The handle of the key is a bottle opener, and the shaft pulls apart to reveal a hidden corkscrew. This is suited for many types of wine collections and accoutrements. It can also be a perfect accompaniment for a gift of wine or as part of a gift basket.

So here’s wishing you a great home bar. Do send us some photos once you’ve set it up!

The 6 Easiest Plants to Grow in Containers & Planters.

You don’t need a green thumb to grow a bounty of plants in your new planters. Gardening may seem intimidating to a gardening novice, but we bring you 6 almost foolproof plants, flowers and even herbs to grow with the least amount of time and effort.

      1.   NasturtiumsThe no-pain, all gain flowering plant.Profuse, pretty, multicolored flowers; Can be grown in a planter, Watering and potting soil required. Bears flowers within few weeks.

2.  Pineapple MintLooks good, tastes even better. Herb with pleasant flavor; can be grown from saplings, variegated leaves grow easily and spread over a medium sized pot.

3.   Tomatoes- The easiest plant you will ever grow! Grows from a packet of seeds; Great for growing from hanging planters. Fruits appear in a few weeks, give it time to ripen.

4. Geraniums – Carefree Bloomers! Easy to grow from plants or seeds; Perennials; can outlast winters indoor;

5.  Basil- The queen of the herb garden. Blooms easily during summer; can survive winters indoor; lush leaves have a green distinctive shape.

6.  Succulents -Defies all plant murderers! Hardy beyond belief;Plenty of shapes, colors and sizes; Will probably outlive you.


We guarantee you that any of these 6 I-can-take-care-of-myself plants will leave you wondering if you had a magical touch with plants.

6 Awesome Planter Gardening Ideas for Your Small Apartment!

It is spring. There’s green shoots pushing out of the ground and leaves on each tree. And how you wish you could grow a few plants in your tiny apartment. There’s hardly any space for bringing in pots and plant a few nice annuals. Don’t let the lack of space keep you from joys of gardening. Here are a few tricks for you to become a great gardener even in a small urban space.

1. When you don’t have the floor, you still have the walls! Walls offer a large expanse of empty space and even if you have some wall decor or art, plants go very well with everything. You could choose wall mounted planters for showcasing small green plants.Tip– Do not select planters with drill holes because you do not want them to drip water down the wall.

2. Even if your walls are not vacant areas, a wall planter breaks up the space and adds a dash of color. And growing plants are wall decor which change color, texture, and form every few days; which makes it so much more interesting than a static decor item.
Tip– Be sure to pick up a metal or glass planter in a quiet earthen or metallic color to set off the green plants. Here is a good pick. You could mix and match a few such planters to form a vertical garden.3. There is a lot of buzz about “living green walls” which are a cool way to incorporate plants into your living space. They tick all the right boxes- sustainable living, healthy, good vibes, great hobby; but they are expensive. We recommend plant portrait, which is basically a small size plant growing tile. These tiles are built on self watering material, so you just need to water them very sparingly, once in a couple of weeks. Here is a great example of a plant portrait.

4. You could also use the ceiling or a beam to hang planters.

5. We especially recommend terrariums or small table-top planters which you can keep in whatever small area that you might find. You could even use tiered terrariums and hang them in a column.

6. And lastly, why not marry a planter and a pendant lamp? We found this really clever idea here.

Whichever option you might choose, it is really easy to get a small indoor garden going. Watch out for the next blog post on the best plants for easy indoor gardening.



The latest trends for Rugs & Carpets in 2017!

Now is an exciting time to be buying rugs or carpets for your home. With the upturn in the housing market, the warmth and comfort of carpets is seeing a resurgence. The 2017 look is all about mixing the old and the new. We have scoured the internet to unearth the latest carpet trends of 2017 and listen to what top interior designers say about it.

Hand Woven Rugs & Tribal Designs: The top design trends in rugs and carpets at the Domotex exhibition in Hanover were hand woven rugs and tribal designs, reports Interiorzine. Piero Lissoni, the Italian designer shares that tribal rugs are an art piece, each having their own artistic identity with a special story to tell. They are all made from natural materials and each rug tells the story of the family that had created it: entwining cultural symbols, animals, flowers and events foretold in color. Usually, such tribal design rugs are hand woven out of natural fibers, in bright colors and bold motifs, and typically flat weave reversible surfaces. Here is an example.

Serene & Calm Shades: The very popular Pantone 2015 color, Marsala still rules the wave, even though the new Pantone colors 2016, Rose quartz and Serenity are being preferred by top designers. These quiet colors add just the right touch of serenity and calm to personal areas like the bedroom and study. This is the quartz rose carpet from the Vorwerk collection “Fascination” by designer Giulio Ridolfo while the one below is the serenity shade of blue.

But we are still not over the deliciously complex color Marsala, which is a mixture of wine reds and earthy browns with dashes of mauve and indigo thrown in good measure. It is, no doubt, a rich and ripe color; the color of fullness and indulgence. Here is a beauteous piece in marsala at Persian Rugs.

Combining tradition and modernity: This is the era of mixing influences. Says Warren Sheets in House Beautiful in the February 2017 issue that “No one is interested in designing an entire space, let alone an entire home, with a strict period in time”. While its great to have a period as a starting point, you can play with mixes of elements of the past and future to design an aesthetic look which is truly yours. Here is an antique Bukhara rug showcased by Elle Decor in their top show-stopper rugs teamed with contemporary Southwestern furniture.

In the Brooklyn townhouse of ceramist Amanda Moffat, the living room's Bukhara rug is from ABC Carpet & Home. The pressed-tin lamps are from Lexington Gardens. Get the look: Antique Bukhara Wool Rug, $2,000,

Organic & Natural Materials: Eco-friendly, organic rugs and carpets are very much in style as per Home Flooring Pros. Sisal, raffia and sea-grass rugs work very well in and urban setting and offer a hard-wearing and natural look with earthy, color tones. But what really excites us are hand-dyed indigo jute or hemp rugs which are modern and truly cool. Here is the piece we loved.

Another fast-growing trend in rugs 2016 is named Nature Luxe by Victoria Redshaw, the Futurist at Scarlet Opus, a trend forecasting company in UK. She describes the concept behind this trend as a way of disengaging from our busy, technologically-infused lives, and embracing the quiet. While we may crave a return to more simple times, we still appreciate a sense of luxury. This trend looks to hand-crafted elements for that blend of simplicity and luxury. Here is Houzz collection of Zen carpets.

The natural luxe style promotes calm with a soothing color pallette in neutral tones and soft, shimmery finishes. Natural materials such as hides are a big part of this trend. Here are some great distressed scratched leather rugs from MapleNest.

Last but not the least, are the breathable fibers like jute or hemp which are combined with silk, wool, or linen, to create a luxe version of natural rugs, in warm earth tones.


And to round it up, the Anji Mountain Cobblestone Bamboo Rug from the Georgia Mills is such a style statement this year.

So here’s hoping you borrow some ideas from these hot trends and bring them to life in your beautiful homes!